"Let’s Go" is the third and final music video from Sutardy Films collaboration with The Paok’s Polluted Anecdotes Of Kali series.

Stranley enough this was the first video we filmed as part of this series. Our fave of the bunch.

The_PAOK - Let’s Go

Episode 3 Of 3: The Polluted Anecdotes Of Kali

Directed and Edited by: Sutardy Brothers ( Adam Sutardy & Jordan Sutardy)
Co-Directed By: Kali Alwan
Director Of Photography:
Sutardy Brothers

And here is the quite but very talented Shear Jashub with ‘Amy Poehler’.

We’re happy to have worked on our 2nd video for him and really hope to hear more soon. Dudes music is up there.

Shear Jashub - ‘Amy Poehler’

Directed by the Sutardy Brothers (Adam & Jordan Sutardy)

"Hey Love" is our 2nd collaboration with Bakeshop artist Little Jase and centers on Little Jase’s daily life in between being an artist and spending time with his love interest (played by Yuni Wilson).

Filmed across Melbourne at Bakeshop studios, TMC Media studios and various locations we went for a TV series “Neighbors” look and feel. Great acting performances from both Little Jase and Yuni Wilson really added to this video. Had a lot of fun filming with the entire team!

Special thanks to our director of photography Tim McCartney, the entire Bakeshop fam, La’Tecia Thomas on makeup and her superwoman like patience and Little Jase. Melbourne love.

Little Jase - “Hey Love”

Directed By: The Sutardy Brothers ( Adam Sutardy & Jordan Sutardy)
Co-directed by: Little Jase
Director Of Photography: Tim Tmc McCartney
Starring: Little Jase and Yuni Wilson

Makeup By: La’Tecia Thomas

Extras: Eleanor Castellani
and Tim McCartney
Post production, editing and grading by: The Sutardy Brothers Adam Sutardy & Jordan Sutardy)

Filmed on an abandoned farm on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia. Polluted is the second music video from Sutardy Films collaboration with The Paok.

The_PAOK - Polluted

Episode 2 Of 3: The Polluted Anecdotes Of Kali

Directed By: Sutardy Brothers ( Adam Sutardy & Jordan Sutardy)
Co-Directed By: Kali Alwan
Director Of Photography: Tim Tmc McCartney
Starring: Vicky Aisha Blackthorn

James Wade - ‘Gang Of Marajuana’ feat. Snoop Lion and Mac Lucci
(Produced by DaeOne Beats)

Filming in the U.S. was an amazing experience and thanks to a few good people over there we got to see a different side of L.A. most probably never would have. Def going back for more! Here’s the 1st vid we shot whilst there.

*Check the dope art work from our good friend Jason Manukau of JMunz Customs behind Mac Lucci.

Directed by The Sutardy Brothers ( ThaBrotherz )

And here is the first instalment of The Paok’s music video trilogy. Hope you enjoy.

The_PAOK - Better Off

Episode 1 Of 3: The Polluted Anecdotes Of Kali

Directed By: Sutardy Brothers ( Adam Sutardy & Jordan Sutardy)
Co-Directed By: Kali Alwan
Director Of Photography: Tim Tmc McCartney | Adam Sutardy
Starring: Rochelle van Heerden

Made in Melbourne, Australia.

New from Sutardy Films - ‘Take You Away’ by Travis Lee

Directed by:  Sutardy Brothers (Adam Sutardy & Jordan Sutardy)

DOP: Sutardy Brothers

Edited by: Sutardy Brothers

Proud to announce the latest music video we put together for Melbourne artist Little Jase - ‘LIFE, LOVE & THE MUSIC’ ft. Karen Esco. 

Big thank you to everyone put in the hard yards on shoot day. Well worth it :)

Hope you enjoy. Feel free to spread the word by liking, sharing and subscribing! #sutardybrothers #BakeshopFAM

sutardy brothers bakeshopfam

Sutardy Brothers, Little Jase, Karen Esco, Havo and the BakeshopFAM

How you doing 2013?

Something fresh for the new year … Shear Jashub - ‘Heart Of Black’

Directed by Sutardy Brothers (Adam & Jordan Sutardy)

#NewMusic Sutardy Brothers - Got The Whole World feat. Dialekt & GMC

It’s been crazy not having as much time in the studio this year. The vids have been on our mind but now it’s time to get a few good tracks out for you.

So here’s the 1st of a new wave from us. Help us by sharing the love and thank you for supporting us. Mad love!

Sutardy Brothers feat. DIALEKT & GMC (Produced by Sutardy Brothers)

Sutardy Brothers http://facebook.com/thabrotherz

DIALEKT http://facebook.com/iamdialekt

GMC http://facebook.com/3lettermusic

Sutardy Music & Film

Released earlier this week (Sept. 3rd 2012), To Be King is the latest music video we directed for Tyson Tyler of Illegal Musik (NZ). Filmed across Victoria, Australia over 2 days in winter, we managed to get footage from the top of Mt Hotham, Melbourne CBD, Williamstown and a quick shot in the studio of Nature Boy.

Special thanks to Tim TMC McCartney D.O.P.

To Be King - Out now on iTunes

Director: Adam Sutardy
Producer: Saphron Moore
DOP: Tim TMC McCartney
Editor: Adam Sutardy & Jordan Sutardy (Sutardy Brothers)
Styling: Illegal Musik
Post Production: Adam Sutardy & Jordan Sutardy (Sutardy Brothers)
Eyewear: Courtesy of Sherry Bell - Sunglass Bar

Music Production: NOX & YOREL

Here’s the latest tack and video we put together for Fortafy, an artist we’ve been working with on and off throughout the year. We wanted to try something different, so we did. We pushed this project in a different direction to what he’s worked with in the past. Very happy with the end result. We were also lucky enough to have with the awesome Debbie Sath on set with us (thank you Debbie!).


Fortafy feat. Sutardy Brotherz - Rolllin

Music produced by Sutadry Brotherz

Video directed, shot and edited by Sutardy Brotherz

Stormey Coleman “Boy On The Other Side” feat. Kastro, EDI (OUTLAWZ), Young Noble (OUTLAWZ) and the Sutardy Brotherz (Jordan & Adam Sutardy)

Here’s the latest track out of the Sutardy music studio. From Stormey Coleman's upcoming album, “Boy On the Other Side” features members of the Outlawz - EDI, YOUNG NOBLE, KASTRO and the Sutardy Brothers (Adam & Jordan Sutardy).

Thank you for the support so far, there’s a lot more to come. Feel free to share, and let us know what you think.
Music for the people….



ATP & DIALEKT - “VICTORY” album (free download)

The new BEATKAMP album is now online. VICTORY by ATP and DIALEKT is free to download. So get over to atpmuzik.com, grab your copy and support the independents out there.

All original production from ATP and a ton of dope features: Xy, Mareko/Rex Martel, GMC, Erakah, J Rahmeel, Jahboy, Big MauiWaui, Pieter T, Adam Sutardy & Savage. Get on it and help them get it out there!

Download the album here atpmuzik.com

beatkamp atp dialekt victory front

"Aint Going Nowhere" is the 1st music vid off the album (directed by Sutardy Brothers)

From Little Jase - another up and coming Melbourne rapper “Seek & You Shall Find” is off Little Jases debut mixtape “1st Slice”. Produced entirely by Vingi Flamez from Urban Empire.



This is the 1st of a 6 part mixtape series from Little Jase. Melbourne is cooking. #Bakeshop